You are beautiful – Confession of a photographer

You are beautiful – Confession of a photographer

We all have them: The “bad hair day”, the “fat day” and the “I woke up like this” day.  Add a photographer, a camera and some studio flashes to the mix, and you’ve got yourself a disaster.    Well… Maybe not.
Confession time: My entire life, I hated being photographed. Yes – it’s a big word, hate. When digital photography came into play, I would say the feeling even escalated, as immediate results showed what I saw as ‘the good, the bad, and the ugly’.  Years later I fell in love with the other side of the camera, seeing the world in frames and techniques.  As expected, karma came along, and I got to experience working with clients that were just like me.

Can you ‘photo-shop’ me to look skinny? Don’t shoot my from the chest down!  Will you retouch my skin to make me look 25? Looking at my beautiful and completely insecure clients, not knowing why they are nitpicking at themselves, I realized I need to break the cycle. But how can I make my clients feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera, when I myself did not feel the same.

Surrounded by amazing photographers I am proud to call friends, I decided to jump in and play ‘model for a day’ to any project available. From beauty shots to boudoir I was there, grinding teeth and fighting every exposed nerve when feeling so vulnerable.  It was a challenging experience to all parties but it did the job. The more I let my guards down – the more I felt confident with my look, with following instructions, and the results that I saw blinking on that DSLR.

You are beautiful. It is my job to show it through the camera. Let you see yourself for a while through my eyes.
A good photographer will guide his/her client, communicate with him/her to feel at ease or at least comply with technical directions well. Trust yourself that you are doing good, and trust your photographer that he/she will make you look as great as you truly are.
So next time you ask me to ‘photo-shop you’ to be slimmer, taller, have bigger breasts and ripped six pack, don’t be surprised if I kindly refuse. I will though, have great lighting, complimenting poses for your body type, and a composition that will tell your story for who you are.

Smile 🙂