The person behind the camera

The person behind the camera

This week “Take A Shot” crossed a small goal of having over a 1000 followers on Facebook. There is nothing that makes me happier than seeing people enjoying my work, sharing and commenting on images that simply moved them.  So now that you have gotten to know ״Take A Shot״ as a company, I wish to take this opportunity to introduce myself – the person behind the camera.

My name is Tyra. In 2006 I came from Israel to live in the US after being accepted to graduate school in NYC. Upon completion of my MA in forensic psychology, I took a semester abroad as part of my PhD curriculum in criminology. It is during that time that I decided to fulfill my true passion, and study photography. A criminological environment, working daily with offenders and victims takes a toll, and photography was just what I needed to bring some peace and harmony into my daily life.

It has been an interesting journey learning how to control the camera and not let it control me. I  developed a different perspective on things, learning to see the world from the point of view of an artist. It took a while until I felt comfortable saying  “I am a photographer”, while going through a typical learning curve making every mistake possible. From bad lighting to poor composition – I have done it all.  Maybe one day I will post a before and after to make you all laugh…   But as the cliche’ says “practice makes perfect”. Living in the world of Academia for so many years, I am always eager to learn and improve. Perfection is still far, and perhaps even impossible in the eyes of a creator, that is doomed to forever critique his work and judge it to the highest standards.

In 2013 I felt it was time to open a small studio. Working as a freelance photographer was the right thing to do as a student and a mother of 2 young children. I was fortunate enough to have such great support from my friends and my community, and began providing services to local families and small businesses. Over time “Take A Shot” has grown, and so has my confidence and skills for shooting different styles from concept photography to companies, boudoir and beauty, events, and more.

I feel blessed to be able to touch people with my art, and highly flattered to have my work and photography as part of other people’s lives. It is not something to be taken for granted to wake up every day to a job that you love and serve people that choose you to capture their personal and professional needs.

Thank you all for your love and support