In Studio or On Location?

In Studio or On Location?

When I initially started my journey as a professional photographer, I knew right away that studio was the way to go. If you think about it, NY weather is harsh… Winters are snowy and cold and the summer is hot and humid. Taking pictures in a studio setting has its advantages to both the photographer and the client. Having control over everything from perfect light to a set up organized and accessorized to create a picture perfect. What can be better than that right? Well… not exactly.

After a short while I started to get bored. No matter how many props, backdrops and concepts I created, the feeling of artificial or “recreated” moments would tug at my creative heart strings. The setting and somewhat limited space of a studio tends to create staged posing and unnatural interaction, especially with the added directions of a concerned parent who wants their child to “smile for the camera”.


I started encouraging my clients to explore the outdoors. Believe it or not, if you dress appropriately for the weather and choose the right time of day to shoot, Mother Nature will provide the rest. To most of their surprise, conditions like a cloudy sky, snow and even fog (like in the header of this post) can create magical atmospheres that a studio can never replace. Besides, in an area blessed with 4 beautiful seasons, what studio can compete with the alluring autumn leaves, a charming snow white wonderland, or the cherry blossoms of spring?

Another thing I like with outdoor shoots, especially when photographing children, is the liberty to run around and let them enjoy the great outdoors. The joy of dipping their feet in a local pond, having a snowball fight or just running around the park, is what family life is all about.

Whatever your personal choice may be, studio or on location, take the time to create memories. Treating your loved ones to a professional photo shoot, once or even twice a year goes a long way. Bring the grandparents, the kids and even your dog – they are all part of the family, and we are here to capture all this love.