Commercial Photography – What it’s all about

Commercial Photography – What it’s all about

Professional businesses and individuals, often neglect what is such a highly important aspect to attract and maintain clientele. Visuals images that speak to who you are is no laughing matter, and can be the difference between clients walking in or clients walking out.

As business owners or professional individuals, fist impression is everything. When working with existing clients or attempting to reach a new clientele, our business cards, website and social media channels  become the face of our company.

The main concern I hear from business professionals, is that there is something lacking when it comes to their promotional visuals. Thus, the images on their site (usually self taken or at best bought from an image bank) do not represent what their all about.  Their business cards project a 10 year old head shot, and may include a generic template that simply doesn’t stand out.

Being an owner of a freelance business myself,  I can completely relate to calculating every dollar, and maximizing what we want to benefit out of each expense.  With that said, what is the point of cutting corners when a picture is worth a thousands words, and the average client will not put in more than 10 seconds of focus, if something is simply not attracting the eye.

So what is commercial photography all about?  Well – I’m glad you asked.
The main goal of this line of photography is to deliver the essence, the mantra, the who and what your business is all bout,  in a way that describes you best.  It is important to have a clear and non confusing message that tells the client quickly everything he needs to know. The best thing about creating a “concept photo shoot” is the fact it is custom made. Your images will stand out and be marked and identified as your professional signature. It is your opportunity to be creative, artistic, and show you care about the first impression you present to your client.

If you have any questions about commercial photography for yourself, your business or your products, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are happy to assist in designing a one of a kind photo shoot.

Take a shot – we mean business.