Cake Smash – A Sweet and Messy Photo Shoot

Cake Smash – A Sweet and Messy Photo Shoot

Cake smash photo shoots have become highly popular in the last few years. Although they are suitable for a variety of ages, it is more common to conduct it for a 1st birthday celebration. The idea is simple – the baby enjoys a fun time of eating cake and making a big mess with a party set up built in a studio or outdoors. Although this type of photo shoot is extremely enjoyable it is far from simple for everyone involved.

Here are a few tips to make this day as easy and successful as possible:

  1. Timing – Be aware of your child’s schedule concerning naps and food. A tired child or overly hungry/full child will most likely not be cooperative. Set the time of your photo shoot accordingly. Allow yourself two hours for this day considering breaks, changing, and of course giving the baby enough time to get to know the new environment and concept of a big cake for one …
  2. Clothing – Minimal clothing is most appropriate for this type of shoot. For girls a cute skirt, tutu or shorts. Boys can wear jeans. Things will get dirty so if you are concerned about it not being washable – do not bring it. Make sure to bring a change of clothes for after the shoot for the baby and yourself.
  3. Accessories – Hats, bows, mini-ties etc might be cute but most kids do not like them. We want the child to have fun and focus on the cake.
  4. Focus – Cake smash photos should be focused on just that. Although it is possible to combine some shots with a sibling or a parent the most important part is the baby and the cake. If your child is happy and cooperative for a little bit extra – great, but do not stress yourself if he or she just simply had enough.
  5. Design – I am a big believer in the saying “less is more”. Try to build a simple concept with your photographer. Clean backgrounds, a simple 2 color palette and a professionally designed cake will do the job. You want the pictures to focus on the child and the cake and not have the viewer’s eye distracted by too many elements.
  6. The cake – Although some photographers will be OK with a homemade cake, I personally think that the centerpiece should be crafted by the best. A designer cake will make a great difference in your pictures. Prefer cream cakes to sugar dough, as they are easier to smash and play with.

Take A Shot offers studio and on location cake smash sessions.  You are welcome to see cake samples of our “house confectioner” Keren here:


We look forward to making a sweet mess with your child